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The Biggest Hillclimb in the East !!!

The Biggest Hillclimb in the East !!!



The starting area will be very similar to last time. We will be lining up in numerical order by race number this year.  Please make every effort to line up as best you can.  The benefit of doing this is that we expect to be able to send a sled every 30 to 40 seconds.  There likely will be a sled on course when you leave the starting line.  This is in an effort to speed up the show.  Pats Peak has made many improvements to the time keeping equipment and scoring programs to achieve this.

Competitors in the OPEN class will make two runs at the hill, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Sleds entered in this class may only run the open class.

We hope to see you all there, as we expect another great year at the NH Hillclimb Challenge!  Please feel free to forward any race related questions to me.

Thank you,


Danny Johnson, Racing Director





Tethers (if sled is equiped) must be attached to a person (not in hand) when sled is running or an 

attempt is being made to start the sled. If this rule is broken you will be asked to leave.

Helmets must be worn if sled is moving - This includes loading and unloading and parking lot !



Race director's tips:


The Course:

The course layout is intended to be ridden and enjoyed by the average trail rider, yet it will be challenging enough to be exciting for all riders and machines.  Horsepower is not always king, a smooth steady approach can beat brute force and acceleration. Handling and traction will be very important with this year's event. This will not be a snow cross type event, nor will it be a straight shot up the mountain.

The Machines:

Machines must be safe and functional. Old and new machines are all welcome. Bring out your sled and test your ability. Our vintage class provided some of the best runs and longest times on the course last year. With classes for 500, 600, 700, and 800 cc, open and fan cooled as well as the powerful mod classes, and 4-strokes we will surely have a class suitable for your ride.

The Minis:

The always-exciting $free 120 class will be run on the lower part of the course with awards for all the participants. Awards to follow at the end of the 120cc event.  The class will run in the early morning. Parents are encouraged to stay nearby to help out. Bring your little racer and have some fun.

The Start:

Classes will be pre-staged in lanes to help organize and speed up the start. This year we will be running in order by race number so please try to line up that way. Several course marshals will tell you when to move in line. Our start will be downhill, to prevent the starting area from getting torn up. Our Timekeeper and Flagman will keep you well informed on when to begin up the mountain. This is a timed run. The timer starts when you break the starting line timer. We have 3 locations on the hill that report a clear track back to the start gate.


Tips and FAQs.

Q- How many times can I run?
A- There is no longer a maximum number of classes that you can run. Each sled may enter a single class only one time.

Q- How old or young can I be?
A- There is be a restriction on riders under the age twelve, they will be limited to fan cooled machines only. Riders 16 and under must ride a stock 600 liquid or smaller sled.. EXAMPLE: There will be no ten-year-olds on 800 cc sleds.

Q- If I don't make it up the hill, what can I do?
A-It is certainly best not to stop without trying to turn back down the hill. If you feel like that cannot make it, it is best to turn back before all forward movement is lost. Once headed downhill, it works best to keep slight clutch engagement instead of locking up the brakes. Very few sleds fail to make the hill but mechanical failure has caused this in the past and can happen at any time. Vintage sleds and fans on hot day's have had issues in the past as well.


Come Challenge the Peak!!


There will be absolutely no alcohol allowed in racing pits. No Racer shall consume alcohol prior to operating their snowmobile. Violators will be escorted off of premises immediately. Please put your sled on/in your trailer prior to the award ceremony. 



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