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The Biggest Hillclimb in the East !!!

The Biggest Hillclimb in the East !!!


Can You Conquer the Peak ?

Jeff Filleul –

Hill Climb Committee Chair

Point of contact Vintage ovals & Crankpullers with WWW

Day of event: - Radio communications - Management

On sled security

Dan Johnson –

Hill Climb Assistant Committee Chair

Race Director

Day of event: – Race Director


Hill Climb Committee Member

Web site – Online Registrations - Data

Day of event: – Registrations / Drags

Race Director 


Greg Seaver –

Hill Climb Committee Member

Day of event: – Volunteers

On sled security

Darnell Filleul –

Hill Climb Committee Member

Hill Climb Committee Budget Coordinator

Day of event: – Registrations 


Mike Duhaime –

Hill Climb Committee member

Hill Climb Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator

Day of event: – Hill Climb Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator

On sled security


The NH Hillclimb Challenge is a race organized by the Weare Winter Wanderers Snowmobile Club and its members on the NH Hillclimb Challenge Committee. Countless hours are dedicated by this committee as well as by over 100 volunteers on the hill volunteering their time to make this event a success. A considerable amount of the club's money, time and effort go into this event. This event is a fundraiser for the club to support its grooming and trail operations. The Weare Winter Wanderers Snowmobile club is a NON-PROFIT club dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling.


Profits generated from the NH Hillclimb Challenge will directly benefit our trail system through maintenance on the trails and to the existing equipment.


Thank you for supporting the Weare Winter Wanderers, the trail system and the great sport of snowmobiling.





























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